The Digital Incubation is a program that focuses on supporting and building the capacities of youth and local communities to develop  digital solutions that have social impact. The program is fully sponsored and facilitated at the Social Innovation Hub in Pangani, Nairobi and seeks to empower young women from low income families  to model, test,  launch  and scale their tech-based or tech-enabled innovations thus promoting employability and self-reliance among the youth.


The Digital Incubation is a gender responsive program for women empowerment in last mile communities. Youth and especially young women in last mile communities face a myriad of challenges.Sexual and gender based violence is endemic in informal settlements. The high unemployment rate and limited opportunities  force them to adopt negative coping strategies which predisposes them to exploitation and abuse.Evidence suggests that addressing these inequalities requires an integrated approach, where expanding the livelihoods opportunities is one of the main ingredients. The Digital Incubation leverages on the opportunities in the digital space to  build literacy and encourage young women in these last mile communities to expand livelihood opportunities by embracing opportunities in the digital economy.