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International Youth Day 2020


Every 12th of August the world marks the annual International Youth Day ( IYD). It was initiated in 1999 to raise public awareness and rally support for youth interests. This year’s International Youth day comes at a time when there is a global call for all nations to rise and fight Covid-19 together. The year’s theme ‘Youth Engagement for Global Action’ couldn’t be more relevant.

The global Youth population is estimated at about 1.2 billion making up 16% of the population. In Kenya, the youth makes up 25% of the population. According to the United Nations, youth are rights holders. Thus their diversity should be embraced and included in all forms of participation.


This years theme seeks to highlight the success of youth inclusion in projects at local , national and global scale. It also seeks to champion their inclusion in multilateral processes. The power of the youth can be harnessed for global impact. This day seeks to encourage organizations and nations to adapt systems and processes that allow youth participation from project start to finish.

We at EmpServe believe in the Youth.

“We believe that IF the youth are provided with necessary support to improve their skills THEN they will be able to create opportunities for themselves, create a social impact and hence improve the well-being of the society.”



World-over similar problems plague the nations. Unemployment, poverty, gender inequality, education and environmental issues are global concerns.Global problems require global solutions. Empowering the youth and including them in creating the solutions is a a sure way to success.

This day calls not only for grass -root organizations but also multilateral businesses and governments to rethink their processes. Allowing the youth to be architects of their future starts with empowering them. Placing them where decisions are made and solutions are created.


The world is changing and youth are at the core of business. With the Covid-19 pandemic that has struck the world nations are realizing the power of technology and otherwise traditional mindsets are shifting. Previously frowned upon strategies, communications and ways of work and life are now the new norm. Youth are at the centre of it; not only in politics but also in social-economic roles. There is need for a new perspective.

Including youth in all processes of development not only includes 16% of the populace but also charts a new way. Youth-led and Youth-inclusive projects are the future and hope of achieving Sustainable Development Goals.


You’ve heard it said that the world is now a global village. Perhaps you believe in now more than ever. Connections have been limited to a digital scene and youth are leading the change. Now think of the impact they can create  if they are empowered in all scopes. This impact is possible if we champion their enterprise on a global scene.

Advancing youth interests is advancing the global interests. All around the globe youth are creating and innovating solutions to help their communities. Empowering these social enterprises creates a ripple effect by creating sustainable projects for the communities around them.


You too can be part of the revolution . Wondering how? The ultimate goal of the International Youth Day is to share public information and raise awareness on the place of youth. By sharing information on how youth are changing their lives and those of their communities you are part of the change.

Look around you. Celebrate youth led and youth-centred initiatives. Challenge your organizations to engage youth in your communities. Always ask the question; What can I do in my Community?

Happy International Youth Day!

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