mYouth2.0 Project

Mobile, Young, Opportunity, Unity, Technology, Help (mYouth 2.0)

Launching mYouth 2.0 Project

Mobile, Young, Opportunity, Unity, Technology, Help (mYouth 2.0) is an exciting global project involving countries from Europe, Africa, and Asian continents. The project envision integrating learning models in mobile app development to increase youth capacities in new mobile technologies as well as enabling more young people to become aware how the mobile applications can solve local issues in their community and provide employment opportunities.


The project aims;

  • To create new tools that promote the acquisition and improvement of new competences of youth workers in mobile application development;
  • To develop programs through non-formal learning and OER about coding, entrepreneurship, business modeling and sustainable startups
  • To increase the awareness among youth worldwide about the potentials of creating mobile app as their own businesses
  • To support and facilitate young people integration in the labor market with new ITC skills
  • To empower young people potential and autonomy to contribute to a sustainable development of their society;

To promote and validate the best e-contents developed by young individual’s trough worldwide recognized competitions.

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