mPrenuer 2023

Local mPreneur Event and Panel Discussion on Mobile Technology in Entreprenuership.


On 27th July 2023 at the Social Innovation Hub- Pangani, Kenya, the mPreneur partners EmpServe Kenya organized the local mPreneur event.

After welcoming the participants, we presented the project mPreneur, it’s aims, activities and national winners. The local dissemination event marked the end of the months-long project that included national bootcamps in Nairobi, international bootcamps in Macedonia and an Award Ceremony in Austria. The event began with an exhibition of mobile apps developed by the I-CARE team . They presented their app, highlighting its features, target audience, and potential impact on users’ lives. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with the developers and learn from their journey in the M-Prenuer Project.


From right: Jeremiah Wakamu, Petronila Ogola, Martin Irungu and Titus Kuria with the Social Innovation Hub budding entreprenuers.

This local event was focused on showcasing the accomplishments and insights gained from participating in the M-Prenuer project. The event focused on how mobile technology can foster entrepreneurship among young individuals. The panel discussion concluded the event where experts and participants discussed how mobile technology is pivotal in the entrepreneurial world today. Afterwards, we had a panel discussion and interactive Question and Answer session was held on the topic of “The Role of Mobile Technology in Entrepreneurship Today.”

The panelists at the event were: Derrick Gakuu, an Innovator and Financial Technology expert who was once a beneficiary of the 2nd Edition M-Youth Project, Petronila Ogola, a Regional Learning Manager at Digital Opportunity Trust, Jeremiah Wakamu, a digital economy expert from the Ministry of ICT, and Rose Mwikali, creator of the I-CARE App.

Additionally, this event provided a platform for networking among attendees and industry professionals. People at the event were able to connect with like-minded individuals, including mentors and potential collaborators. Panelists highlighted the access to markets for budding developers. Speakers emphasized the importance of meeting user expectations and using human-centered design in mobile app development.. 

Participants understood how to model impactful app solutions to solve problems with user-centred design. Further, the panelists stressed the importance of resilience and continuous learning for budding developers. They highlighted that staying updated with evolving mobile technologies is key to staying competitive in the dynamic entrepreneurial landscape. The attendees were encouraged to upskill themselves to address the local labor gaps that require importing developer skills..

The local dissemination event successfully showcased the achievements of youth in mobile app development and provided a platform for discussing the influential role of mobile technology in entrepreneurship. Participants gained valuable insights, networked with industry experts, and left inspired to explore the entrepreneurial opportunities presented by mobile technology.

The event reinforced the notion that today’s youth are well-equipped to leverage mobile technology not only for personal growth but also to contribute to the economic and social progress of their communities.

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