Mobile Apps for Social Impact!

APPLY NOW to participate in mYouth2.0 which integrates new learning models in mobile app development; increase youth capacities in new mobile technologies and include global and regional actions that will enable more young people to become aware how the mobile applications can solve local issues in their community and provide employment opportunities.

The project is co-funded by the European Commission Erusmus+ as a build-up of mYouth1.0 implemented in 2016. mYouth2.0 intends to expand beyond the achievements during the first edition ( where 15 mobile apps were developed and participated in competition for European Youth Summit Award ( and World Youth Summit Award ( mYouth2.0 is a partnership project run by a partner in their respective countries (15 countries) where EmpServe Kenya, is the sole representative to run the version of the project in Kenya.

The project mYouth2.0 will be more focused on promotion of entrepreneurship education and aims to teach youth about potential of mobile apps and other Tech-innovations to become small business and start-ups. The main idea of the project is to initiate transnational youth initiatives where young people, through development of mobile apps solves local and community problems and in the same time creating products that are market oriented and business sustainable.

Key Timelines!

Kick-Off Meeting in Singapore from January 28th -31st, 2018

Open Call for Mobile Apps / National Mobile Apps Contests in all partner countries to apply for the Continental App Camps by 28th February 2018

✩ Continental App Camp Africa: with participants from Ghana, Kenya, Senegal & Tanzania in Ghana from  April 10-15, 2018

✩ International Business and Marketing Training in Macedonia in August 2018 (8 days)

✩ Submissions of all products for European Youth Award #EYA18 – mYouth category 

✩ EYA Festival in Graz from November 28-December 2018 1:1 Winner per continent awarded

To learn about application criteria, click here!

#ApplicationClosed! Please keep visiting our site for other opportunities.


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