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Bridging the Gap

OneGirl- OneLaptop-Campaign

Access to quality education is one of the most pressing issues facing the African continent. In a recent study by the Brookings Institute, data pointed to an estimated 61 million African children who will reach adolescence without even the most basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Sadly, in most remote areas in Kenya, gender parity in access to education still remains a dire challenge. Reports indicate that as little as one in 15 girls in marginalized areas enroll for primary school every year.

There is an obvious gender gap when it comes to girls’ education in Kenya.

This is coming at a time when girls’ education has been proven to be one of the most beneficial strategies to enhance development and economic growth. Educated mothers tend to have healthier children and that these children are also more likely to attend school, breaking the cycle of illiteracy and poverty

It is because of these reasons coupled with extensive research that we at EmpServe embarked on a mission to create 20 digilabs with yearly cohorts of 500 girls and women across counties in remote Kenya enhancing digital and entrepreneurial  skills.

The objective of the #digilabs initiative is to overcome the gender digital divide and contribute to improved digital skills and employment opportunities for girls and women in remote areas in Kenya.

It is essential that girls are not only exposed to technology, but properly educated and equipped with the necessary tools and digital literacy skills to successfully join the workforce, innovate and venture into sustainable entrepreneurship that will not only fuel economic growth but also champion actualization of the #SDG’s by 2030.

Digilabs initiative  is not only relevant but sustainable and highly scalable. We set out to prove this by setting up a first and pilot digilab in Kajiado county, a county that is emblem of all things women stigmatization. From outright stumbling of their progressive rights to lack of access to digital opportunities.Amidst all these challenges,the program still recorded relative success with the .lab currently supporting at least over 50 young women. 

In spite of the relative success, resources and capacity building still remain a huge challenge to empserve, program success and efficiency, it is for this very reasons in the wake of the upcoming #GivingTuesday November 27th, that we decided to commemorate by championing a donation drive in support of our digilabs.

Alone we can only go far, together we will go further for sure.  

As Elizabeth Andrew once said, ‘Volunteers do not necessarily have time; but have a big heart’ in the same spirit we are calling on organizations , individuals and wellwishers like you to champion a girls future through this program by donating and giving in the following ways:

  • Used laptops and desktops,
  • Cash Donations for related capacity building,
  • Volunteer as ICT trainers and mentors,

Or as little as an action of sharing this message of goodwill with friends and colleagues.

NB: For Cash Donations through MPESA, use the Pay Bill; 400200, Account Number; 01134742274000.

We shall be staging a giving campaign on #GivingTuesday and we want to be sure that your giving journey is as seamless as possible and is rewarded through an official acknowledgement on our platforms.

Please feel free to contact us at Empserve Kenya-facebook | @empserve-twitter | www.empserve.org -web | info@empserve.org | 0721 341-866

Join the movement and empower a girl in every little way possible. #BridgingTheGap

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