Our Story

Who We Are

Our Vision

A society of vibrant young men and women (actively) involved in community development

What Drives Our Work

We promote social impact by co-creating solutions with and for underserved communities

We exist to empower youth to be the change they want by building their knowledge, nurturing innovation, fostering networks and creating opportunities for positive impact in communities.

Our programs are modeled to tap into the diversity of youth to mentor and support their growth in order to create sustainable and scalable initiatives in the region. We support youth on their journey to success that will transform different sectors of economy; technology, health, clean energy, environment, education, agriculture among others, while creating new jobs and increasing prosperity in their local communities.

We exist to cushion the most disfranchised communities in different contexts of our ecosystem, due to limitation in; local infrastructure like roads, electricity, and internet; physical resources like space, equipment, and materials; formal and informal education and training opportunities; financial resources, customer/client targeting base; legal & regulatory needs, networks, expertise, collaborators or accessibility of mentors

What shapes our work?

Youth perceive limited opportunities because of a suppressed mindset combined with a gap between formal education and skills needed to be successful in the 21st century.

The proportion of Kenya’s youth to the population is among the highest globally, presenting the economy with effervescent capacity if well tapped.

However, we are driven by the disquieting statistics where youth constitutes over 70 percent of the total unemployment in the Kenya.We believe in the youth as the center of societal transformation through knowledge creation and innovation. 

Our programs are guided by the following elements ;

  • Nurturing ideas and innovation among the youth to solve social challenges 
  • Promotion of seasoned career pathways among youth in Kenya and beyond.  
  • Partnering with like-minded individuals, organizations, institutions and the government agencies to empower the youth and other disadvantaged society members. 
  • Promoting  utilization of ICT to  bring positive impact in remote communities
  • Enhancing existing potential among youth through opportunity creation locally and globally. 

Our Guiding Principles

The following values serve to be the central guiding principles to the function of the organization.

  1. Transparency and Accountability
  2. Participatory Development
  3. Efficiency
  4. Stewardship 
  5. Enhancing partnerships 

Monitoring and Evaluation

Empserve Kenya employs rigorous methodologies to monitor programs and evaluate impact. We use CommCare, the mobile technology tool developed to collect and analyze our M&E data. For targeting we use locally defined poverty indicators via the Participatory Wealth Ranking process and Grameen’s Progress Out of Poverty Index to ensure that we understand our participants’ poverty index .We produce internal performance reports three times per year to troubleshoot problems in a timely manner and ensure the smooth implementation of program activities and expected outcomes. Monthly activities are also captured using our monthly reporting template.

For more information, see our Monitoring and Evaluation process. 

Learn More

We promote the interests of youth and vulnerable communities mainly in rural areas and urban informal settlements with reference to both local and global development priorities and goals.

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