Felistus Nashipae-Empowering Youth For Community Impact.

felistus nashipei

How and when did you first engage with EMPSERVE?

 I joined the EmpServe DigiLabs program, Kajiado, where I went through ICT and social entrepreneurship training. I later transitioned to be a volunteer digital trainer (ToT) in my community. The program offered me an excellent learning experience and also made an impact to the youths I trained in Kajiado specifically enhancing youth creativity and innovation.

How has that affected your career or community?

Being passionate about working with the youth, it has offered me a chance to engage with the youth and inspire them to contribute in empowering communities. I have also gained excellent leadership skills that have exposed me to various roles in the community following the training, 

What are some highlights of your Journey?

I was selected and trained as Siasa Place lead member for Kajiado County to advocate for youth involvement in governance and politics. I also joined Bus radio (Kajiado local station) to run a program on girl child empowerment and supporting young upcoming talents. 

Through the program I was able to network with other organizations, for example, EmpServe linked me up with the Kenyatta University EFSOYC project where I worked for six months as a field supervisor for the outreach youth champions in Kajiado. Through EmpServe’s partner in Kajiado, HELGA, I joined a youth program called “connect with the youth”.I was able to empower aspiring young entrepreneurs by introducing them to the basic principles needed to successfully launch, lead, and scale up microenterprises.

Finally, through EmpServe’s recommendation, I joined Womens’ Worldwide Web (W4) and Voices of Hope ICT centre in Kajiado as a Social Entrepreneurship facilitator. 

What are your aspirations for the Future?

DigiLabs involvement sharpened me as a young leader. It also offered me the opportunity to mentor and inspire more girls to diversify their career fields and helping them to see the broader impact of their efforts while holding their interest. I would like more girls to access such training platforms to enhance their personal and career development and eventual societal transformation. Through DigiLabs empowerment program, there’s a need for support of start-ups, existing businesses, and also linkage to youth opportunities locally and globally.

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