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Skills2Earn Pilot Project Launches to Promote Decent Earning among Skilled Gig Workers .

gig-work launch

On the 8th of September, EmpServe Kenya, in collaboration with Voyegram Solutions, launched the pilot project for Gig Economy Skills2Earn. Digital skills have become the currency of opportunity in today’s rapidly developing world. From remote work to gig economy platforms, the digital economy thrives and offers boundless possibilities. However, not everyone has equal access to these opportunities. Many disadvantaged youths in urban areas face barriers that prevent them from participating in the digital economy. 

Recognizing this disparity, the Skill2Earn Pilot Project is a pioneering initiative designed to empower young individuals by equipping them with valuable skills and ensuring they secure tangible employment opportunities within the dynamic gig economy. The project aims to transform traditional skill acquisition into a holistic pathway to sustainable employment and decent earnings in data entry, content writing, digital marketing, transcription, virtual assistance, and graphic design.

Launching the Skills2Earn Pilot Project is not just about teaching digital skills; it’s about unlocking potential, breaking down barriers, and creating a more equitable future. The Project seeks to change that by providing access to training and resources necessary to thrive in the new landscape. This initiative is designed to provide market-driven digital skills training to rural and urban youths facing socioeconomic challenges. Skills2Earn aims to empower these young individuals to participate in the gig economy or launch into freelance digital avenues by equipping them with the necessary skills, knowledge and gig openings.

gig-work launch

Tailored Curriculum

Skills2Earn recognizes that one-size-fits-all training doesn’t work for everyone. The project offers a tailored curriculum considering disadvantaged youths’ unique needs, challenges, and existing capacities. It covers a wide range of basic and advanced digital skills blended with life skills in leadership and financial literacy. The model targets building capacity through skilling and upskilling while leveraging youth with specific professional skills to venture into the gig economy. The curriculum design allows the participants to choose paths that align with their skills and interests.

Through demand-driven training, mentorship, gig linkages, and business development, the Skills2Earn aims to;

  • Impact disadvantaged youth in rural and urban areas with on-demand skills that feed promptly into the gig economy.
  • Realize over 70% transition from skills to decent earning while building a pathway into gig workers for mainstream graduates.
  • Address the digital divide and pave the way for greater inclusivity by recruiting up to 60% of women and girls in the program.
  • Establish partnerships to equip the gig workers with the needed equipment, such as laptops.


To promote the transitions into earning gigs, we have partnered with various gig platforms to secure actual jobs for the cohort before graduation through Voyegram Business Outsourcing. We also have a partnership with the Women Worldwide Web (W4) together running digital skills and entrepreneurship training specifically for young women in Kenya. We are also keen on building more partnerships with various stakeholders to make the gig work a decent career pathway for our youth. 

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  1. Eric Chege Nguithi
    September 21, 2023 Reply

    Great progress and initiatives on the digital literacy

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