Empower Hub is the BPO (Business Processing and Outsourcing) arm of EmpServe Kenya, a Youth-Focused NGO dedicated to empowering young individuals with marketable skills, incubation and transition pathways for sustainable livelihoods. With a dual focus on Skills Development  and Product Markets, Empower Hub serves as a social enterprise bridging the gap between talent, opportunity and entrepreneurship. We don't stop there, though. We also offer business incubation, nurturing their ideas into reality. This comprehensive approach provides young people the tools and support needed to transition into sustainable livelihoods. Empower Hub is a catalyst for transformation and a driving force for social change through youth empowerment. Through our unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and empowerment, we are shaping a future where every young individual has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.


To be a leading catalyst for youth empowerment, by creating impactful transitions to jobs and sustainable livelihoods.


EmpowerHub is committed to nurturing talent, fueling skills application and building market linkages. We provide cutting-edge startup incubation, mentorship and impact driven business outsourcing services.


Empower Hub stands as a distinct entity, separate from the parent NGO, with its own identity and brand positioning. It operates as a social enterprise committed to driving positive change by providing impact-driven BPO and incubation services, empowering youth with the skills and opportunities they need to prosper in the modern economy.
Incubation Services

We are a launchpad for entrepreneurial success. Our incubation program helps aspiring young entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality through ideation, conceptualization, and growth acceleration. We provide them with the resources like a coworking space, workshops, and potential funding opportunities, expert guidance from experienced mentors, a collaborative environment and network needed to launch and grow successful businesses.

Upskilling & Transitioning

We create social value by training and mentoring disadvantaged youth with in-demand market skills to accelerate their transition into jobs and sustainable livelihood. Pairing talented youth with experienced professionals to provide guidance, support, and skill enhancement opportunities.

Business Processing and Outsourcing

Providing high-quality business processing and outsourcing solutions to clients, leveraging the expertise of our skilled teams.
Skills Market: Offering a diverse range of marketable skills training programs and workshops tailored to industry demands.
EmpowerSoko: Facilitating pathways for job placements, freelance opportunities, and entrepreneurship ventures through a dedicated platform.

Empower Soko

We strive to improve and amplify our alumni by providing them a platform to showcase their businesses, support each other and connect. Items purchased from Empower Soko are made by women and youth from the disenfranchised communities who live in extreme poverty and unprogressive cultures; Buying is simply powering their dream “beyond the limitations” of food, education and health. A dollar worth purchase goes a long way in breaking the cycle of poverty and oppression.