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Evaleen Njoki-EmpServe ICT Program equipped me for the Workforce.

Evaleen Njoki

Evaleen Njoki Njoroge joined the Social Innovation Hub, Digital Incubation program in March 2021. She had graduated from Daystar University, pursuing Communication, Film, and Media studies, and was actively job-hunting at that time.

She got to know about the program through a friend who was undertaking Advanced IT at that time. She was introduced and equipped with graphic design skills that gave her the drive to want to be part of the program. Also, as a Communication major, she observed that it was a needed skill for her to have.

Skilling Youth for the Labor Market

Job hunting can be daunting for youth. Even for fresh graduates, the skills demand in the job market is constantly changing. That coupled with the long-running narrative of unemployment can make youth disgruntled. For most of our participants that is their first interaction with computers. Seeing them conversant with even basic IT skills is quite rewarding.

The Digilab and Digital Incubation Programs are curated to address the socio-economic barriers to entry into the labour market for youth in disadvantaged urban and rural areas.

At the Social Innovation Hub, participants of different skill levels and backgrounds collaborate in a holistic learning environment. This initiative has provided a safe space for girls. These peer groups are instrumental not only for learning but also for life skills development.

The Journey

“At the beginning of the first phase of learning Basic IT, I didn’t get to learn a lot since I had the basic Computer skills, but despite that, I was patient enough to keep up with the rest of my classmates’ pace. Unexpectedly, I got to learn some new things in the process.

EmpServe Impact Stories

On to the other phase learning Advanced IT, I got to gain knowledge of design software programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and other graphic software. We also learned how to create a website, posters, and invitation cards.

During the program, I’ve enhanced attributes such as self-confidence and leadership and improved in my presentation skills.”

During her studies at Empower and Serve, she really committed herself to studies and ensured that she got to complete and graduate in the long run. Despite the fact that she developed eye problems and had several surgeries done she really had the passion to continue and thus after recovery, she rejoined the program in January 2020 and finished advanced  IT. What a story of resilience? Currently, Evaleen works at Kenya Film Commission, at the Corporate Communication department as an intern.

God has a plan, Trust it, Believe it and enjoy it. 

Evaleen Njoki

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